Best Gas Grill Smoker Boxes Reviewed [TOP OPTIONS AVAILABLE]

If you own a gas grill, you most likely know that it’s ideal for cooking, both directly and indirectly. So, it would seem pointless to hold both a gas grill and a whole smoker simultaneously. As a meat enthusiast, you can’t help but crave the authentic flavor of tasty grilled meat is in its smokiness. That said, only a simple gas grill won’t be able to give you that taste. Instead, you’ll have to get the ideal smoker box for your grill.

Now the question stands, how do you find the best smoker box out of all the options available? Our top three picks include the Broilmaster Smoking Box, the Napoleon 67013, and the Cave Tools Smoking Box.

That’s why you don’t have to invest in a whole smoker. Instead, you can just put on smoker box onto your current gas grill and partake in some luscious, smoked food with ease. And the top options available below can help you pick the ideal one for your smoking needs.

metal smoker box with wood

Best Gas Grill Smoker Boxes

1. Best Overall Gas Grill Smoker Box: Broilmaster Smoking Box

The Broilmaster is a cast-iron smoker box that can withstand high temperatures any time you use it on a gas grill. It’s even the best smoking box for a charcoal one.

Buyers love the compact profile that lets them use it on any grill, regardless of shape or size. In addition, its lightweight design means that you can easily pack it up and take it to camp or tailgate.

You can make your ideal smoke-flavored recipes on your gas grill without needing a vast, full-sized smoker. Instead, use whatever combo of wood chips you’d like in the box to get the ideal flavor intensity every time you use it.

Pitmasters who want to add a woodier flavor to their meals can enjoy this smoker box. It allows you to experiment with different wood blends at home or go.


  • It conducts heat evenly at low temperatures
  • The vented lid is removable to make adding wood chips easier
  • Increases flavor and improves grilling experience with every use
  • It fits on any grill without taking up much space
  • You can create different wood chip blends for specific flavors


  • The expensive price tag isn’t ideal for every cook
  • You’ll need heavy gloves while handling it hot

2. Best Accessory Gadget: The Napoleon 67013

The Napoleon 67013 is a stainless-steel smoker box that acts as an excellent accessory for most Napoleon series grills. But, of course, it also works just as well on any other grill.

It allows you to add a genuine smoky flavor to your meals. Most users fill this smoking box with a significant amount of wood without needing to tend to it often.

It’s an excellent bargain for the price point, fitting ideally on most flavorizers or flame tamers. In addition, it’s lightweight at under 3 lbs., making it easy to pack and carry whenever you need to take it with you on your travels.

With the Napoleon 67013, it’s easier to smoke most meats without worrying about drying, including chicken, burgers, and steaks.

While it works ideally with Napoleon series grills, it’s still versatile enough for other grills. Just pack it with your favorite wood and have fun creating your flavors.


  • Durable stainless-steel design
  • The lightweight structure makes it portable and easy to store
  • It pairs well with most gas grills to give an excellent smokey flavor
  • Large capacity minimizes the need for repeated wood refills
  • It can replace a grill’s searing plates for more even smoking


  • It works well with Napoleon grills, but might not work with other specific grills.
  • Not a good fit for portable or compact grills

3. Most Versatile Smoker Box: Cave Tools Smoking Box

Cave Tools hosts one of the sturdiest smoker boxes on the market. This specific product is 25% thicker than other smoking boxes, preventing the wood from catching fire while in use.

Its innovative design also won’t warp, giving it a comparatively longer life span. In addition, the hinge on the box makes it more accessible, so pitmasters don’t have to handle hot lids when you have to refill your wood.

You can fit plenty of wood inside the box, providing thicker smoke for your food. Put it between the flavorizers under your grid or directly on your grill. No wood can catch on fire since the box has no holes on the bottom.

Pitmasters can enjoy this box due to its ability to handle high heat. You can surround it with heated briquettes and easily infuse a smokey flavor into your food.


  • 25% thicker than competitive boxes
  • A hinged lid makes refills easier and quicker
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee and full refunds
  • Large chip capacity
  • Sturdy stainless-steel design


  • You can’t use pre-soaked chips
  • Smoke has poor access compared to other smokers

wood pellets in smoker box matches and knife

4. Best for High Temperatures: HoShip Smoker Box

HoShip’s smoker box uses stainless steel with thicker walls, base, and lid to handle higher temperatures. That allows you to get a deeper smokey flavor without worrying about drying or damaging the grill.

Users can put the smoker box directly on the burners without worrying about damage or warping. They also love that the hinged lid makes refilling a much easier task.

The box can hold many wood chips, so you can fill it up to get a thick smoke across the cooking surface. You don’t have to fill it as often as with other boxes, allowing you to focus on other activities instead of standing over a hot grill all day.

This box is ideal for people who prefer to entertain instead of hovering over their grill constantly. You can fill it with whatever wood you choose and enjoy your day.


  • Its design prevents warping with high temperatures
  • The ideal price point for most budgets
  • Stamped steel makes it thick and conductive
  • It can hold pre-soaked wood chips for concentrated flavors
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee and full refunds


  • Refills are needed every 20 minutes
  • Cold smoke doesn’t work with the box

5. Best for Small Grills: Rwm Smoker Box

Suppose you plan a trip or have a small get-together on your balcony or patio. In that case, the Rwm Smoker Box provides a simple design for compact and portable grills.

The vent provides plenty of drafts and airflow to get the smoke spreading through your gas grill when the wood chips start smoking.

It can hold over two cups worth of wood chips. You can also make your favorite combos of wood chips to create unique flavors for your meals.

The box works best over gas grills and charcoal ones, so you can even use it with combination grills. Its robustness comes from the stainless-steel design, so you don’t have to worry about damage.

This smoker box is ideal for people with limited space on their grills. It fits easily on standard grill grates while leaving plenty of room for an excellent smokey grill.


  • Durable stainless-steel design
  • Fast and even heat conduction
  • Sound ventilation system for even smoking
  • No warping with high heat
  • Dry wood chips don’t catch fire


  • Needs repeated refills
  • The lid isn’t hinged

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Final Words

Finding the best smoker box can help you cook a great barbecue meal. Once you start smoking on your grill, your flavors are way better than what you get with a simple grill!

Whichever smoker box you go for, select a durable one that works properly. And keep an eye out for the lid design and the box’s compatibility with your grill! Till then, happy smoking.

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