How Long to Smoke a 20lb Turkey at 300 Degrees? [ANSWERED]

This article provides info on how long to smoke a 20lb turkey at 300 degrees. Feel free to browse through the details you’re hoping to find!

The general rule is to smoke a turkey for 15 minutes for every pound at 300 degrees, and that is the fastest way to smoke an entire turkey. It is safe to take the turkey off a smoker when its internal temperature is 165 degrees.

Smoking a turkey is a fantastic way to cook a delicious meal. Still, many folks don’t know how long it takes to smoke a 20lb bird and at what temp. So, if you want to prep your turkey for Thanksgiving or otherwise, this article can help you smoke your turkey perfectly.

dinner turkeyCan You Safely Smoke A 20lb Bird?

Bird meat is easy to pollute, and thus it might be risky to try and smoke a 20lb turkey. The size is so hefty that it won’t smoke fast enough to get rid of bacteria. Instead, it is ideal for cooking the turkey at a higher temp and adding a smoky taste once you finish cooking the bird.

How Long To Smoke A 20lb Turkey At 300 Degrees?

When preparing a 20lb turkey at 300 degrees, you must assign 15 to 20 minutes per session. It can take up to 4 hours to appropriately smoke the bird under such conditions.

It’s ideal not to use your oven to smoke a turkey, and instead, use a particular meat smoker to get the job done. Don’t undervalue the impact of some good wood chips, as well. Using various types can significantly improve the taste of a smoked turkey to make all the difference in flavor.

What Temperature Is Ideal For Smoking Turkey?

Birds smoked at higher temperatures take less time than cooking them at lower temperatures. However, for turkey, unhurried, consistent smoking works best. So, the lower the temp, the longer the smoking.

You can get the ideal smoked turkey by roasting it at 300 degrees but get similarly tasty results at 325 F. The general rule is to choose a lower temp like 300 F if you have enough time beforehand.

So, the ideal temp is 300 degrees for a 20lb turkey. You can assign 35 minutes for every point pound at 200 F, 30 minutes at 250 F, and 25 minutes at 300 F.

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Should You Wrap The Turkey While Smoking?

Similar to cooking a Thanksgiving bird, you can wrap a turkey in aluminum foil if you see sections of it getting too brown during the smoking process.


How Long To Smoke A 13-Pound Turkey At 275 F?

Your turkey should take around 20 to 25 minutes for each pound at such a temperature.

What Meats Can You Smoke Instead Of A Turkey?

Here are some additional smoking times at 225 F for other meats if you don’t have turkey on hand:

  • Pulled brisket – 1.5 hours per pound
  • Sliced Pork Butt – 1.5 hours per pound
  • Pulled Pork Butt – 1.5 hours per pound
  • Whole Chicken – 4 hours

How long do you smoke a 12-pound bird at 250 F?

Smoking a whole turkey can be a prolonged process. So, you have to make sure that you start earlier to finish the smoking by serving time. Usually, it takes six hours at least to cook an average-sized bird at 250 F. At such a temp, make sure to cook the turkey for around 30 minutes for every pound.

Can you safely cook a turkey overnight?

Most BBQ enthusiasts don’t keep their ovens on for long hours at a low temp. People who don’t usually check or keep an eye on the turkey as it smokes can be ideal for slowing cooking it overnight at low temperatures of 250 F.

Remember that the bird can stay hot for about one to two hours before carving. The internal temp of the bird should be about 165 F in the breast and 170 F in the thigh.

How long to smoke a 21-pound turkey?

You need to put turkeys larger than average in the smoker and cook for 30-40 for every pound. Use a meat probe to see if the breast meat is at 160 F, and then you know it’s done.

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How long do you smoke a bird at 275 F?

275 and 300 F are close in the range that you can apply the same rules for both temps to smoke a turkey. Smoke for around three to four hours or until you reach an internal temp of 165°F in the thickest breast section while refilling your water pan. Baste the turkey per hour using the drippings from the drip pan.

Should I Brine The Turkey Before I Smoke It?

Don’t let the taste be bland by skipping a crucial stage of prepping your turkey to save time. Use brine before smoking the turkey to ensure the meat stays moist while having a good flavor.

What Is The Ideal Temp For Smoking A Turkey Overnight?

If you want to ignore monitoring the bird but don’t want to risk overcooking the turkey, preheat the oven to a temperature ranging between 170 and 180 F. The turkey roasts while you sleep and is ready by the morning, and the entire process takes around 9 to 11 hours. Remove the aluminum foil and take the internal temperature using a meat probe to see if you have fully cooked it.

Can You Leave Your Stuffing In The Cooked Bird Overnight?

Not at all. Always stuff your turkey just before it goes in the oven, and you can make the filling overnight and keep it in the fridge till you’re ready to cook the bird.

Can You Safely Cook A Turkey Overnight At A Low Temp?

Cooking a turkey overnight at a low temperature is possible. Still, bacterial growth risks if the temperature is too low or the roasting time is too short. Cooking at temperatures of 200 F is ideal since the temperature is high enough to prevent bacterial growth while giving you a faster cook and smoke time.

What Is The Lowest Temperature Where You Can Safely Cook A Bird?

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) suggests cooking poultry and other meats at temps no lesser than 325 F. The baseline is to cook a turkey to an internal temp of 165 F.

Can You Marinate A Turkey Before Smoking It?

Yes! While preparing and using marinade is an optional step, you can benefit from marinating your turkey. Cooking at 300 F means you risk drying the bird, so a good marinade can leave the meat moist while adding a ton of flavor to the mix. Just make sure to inject the bird before cooking it and brush some remaining marinade on the skin as it smokes.

turkey thanksgiving

How Soon To Carve The Turkey After Smoking It?

Let the bird rest once you’ve smoked your 20lb turkey at 300 F, and you’re sure the internal temp is 165 F, let the bird rest. The resting can take up to one to two hours, depending on the size of the turkey and how long you prefer waiting. Carving it too soon means the bird can be too hot to eat, and the juices won’t settle properly.

Final Words

Smoking turkey is a delicious way to prep them and adds a more tantalizing taste. If you want a new way to host your Thanksgiving dinner this year, or maybe you would like to use a new recipe, definitely try smoking a turkey. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro BBQ cook, this article can help you determine how long to smoke a 20lb turkey at 300 F.

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