Are Electric Smokers Waterproof?

Often, most people buy gas or charcoal smokers because electric smokers seem unreliable to them. Many are also asking if such a device can withstand water. Since there is a possibility that bulky equipment like electric smokers need to be stored outdoors, either due to small kitchen space or they want to use it outside their homes, they would like to know if it is safe to do so.

Are electric smokers waterproof? No, but they are durable enough to survive an unintentional spill that comes from the water pan or a sprinkling of rain. To prevent issues with them getting wet, it is best to store them inside, or at least get a waterproof cover for them.

To clear things out, below is a clear explanation of whether or not electric smokers are waterproof. I also included a short buying guide for those who are planning to purchase electric smokers, along with some frequently asked questions that you need to know. Let’s get into it.

Can Electric Smokers Get Wet?

When using electric smokers, you may accidentally spill water on them. Pretty much any electric smoker is more than able to survive this situation. 

Electric smokers are not advisable to get wet, just like any other smokers. Some brands of electric smokers can be more susceptible to water than others, so make sure to choose one that is durable enough to withstand spills and drizzles of rain.

If you ask any smoking enthusiast, pretty much all of them who own electric smokers have gotten them wet and at some point were able to use their smokers again without encountering any issues. There are always the less fortunate, however, who end up with broken electric smokers due to exposure to rain. Unfortunately, there are often no precautions to be taken or brand differences that can give you a positive 

For those people who don’t have a choice but to store their electric smokers outside their homes, using a protective cover can help out. Electric smoker covers are accessible in the market with a high level of water-resistance to provide reliable protection. However, it is still better to store electric smokers indoors, primarily to protect them against rain and snow.

Most electric smokers are equipped with an electric control box that is protected with proper epoxy resins and gaskets against water. If the one in your home integrates such quality components, then you can expect it to work correctly even after it has gotten wet.

Should I Use My Electric Smoker Indoors?

Generally, you don’t use an electric smoker inside the house. But it depends on the type of electric smoker you own. In my guide to storing electric smokers, I covered this very question (you would be surprised how often it comes up). 

While I understand that there is a difference between storing and using – you would be surprised how many people try to push the boundaries. Even if you are not using your smoker indoors – going from smoking meat outside to placing that equipment in your home will undoubtedly stink up the home.

Advantage Of Using Electric Smokers

Compared to traditional smoking equipment such as charcoal, wood, and gas smokers, electric smokers are capable of cooking faster. This advantage is usually opted by restaurant owners since they need to serve food at a precise time. The reason behind the fast cooking ability of electric smokers is because they don’t create combustion that reduces airflow in the cooking chamber. As a result, there is less evaporation that prevents cooling throughout the cooking time.

Also, electric smokers are easy to use. It involves a straightforward process that even beginners can follow. It is also safer to use than any other kind of smokers. Most people are also commending how easy it is to clean them

On the other hand, electric smokers don’t produce the same flavor that you can achieve with gas, wood, and charcoal smokers. For this reason – I would only recommend these to beginners and those with specific needs that require electric.

Things To Consider When Buying Electric Smokers

While there are no existing waterproof electric smokers, here are some of the things you need to consider when purchasing a reliable electric smoker:

Number of Openings

When buying electric smokers, check their number of openings. It is best to choose the one with fewer openings because they can provide faster results by maintaining an optimal amount of heat. Heat can escape easily if the smoker has too many openings.

Temperature Control

Aside from the number of openings, also make sure that an electric smoker allows you to control the temperature it produces. Having this feature can help you to avoid burned food. It helps to have a thicker, more insulated smoker for this. Read reviews online and watch some videos.

Heat Flow

Electric smokers are intended to provide the right amount of heat to cook a nice meal at an expected time. It is ideal for individuals who need to smoke food faster compared to using wood, gas, or charcoal smokers. The downside of this is electric smokers will have a max-heat cap that others do not. This is usually less of an issue as most smoking is traditionally done “low and slow”. 

Food Tray Structure

Smokers may come with different kinds of trays inside that are arranged horizontally with or without inclination. These trays may also come in different sizes and materials used, such as stainless steel, steel, or any heavy-duty materials. Before buying an electric smoker, ensure that the structure of the food tray is suitable for the food you wish to cook. I’m sure you’ve noticed many grills are useless after a single season – cheap smokers are similar in that they don’t hold up well. 

Budget or Price

Your budget is among the most critical factors for most people when buying any product, such as electric smokers. Especially that a lot of customers believe that electric smokers are expensive.

Today, you can find high-quality electric smokers that have reasonable prices. Most of them are also durable and integrate cutting-edge technology, making the price worth it.

Considering your budget will require you to remove numerous options on your list. From a positive perspective, it can make things easier for you, especially that most manufacturers offer their products at a completely different price. If you wish to cut the cost of buying an electric smoker, consider purchasing the product with the highest quality features. While such equipment may cost you a significantly higher price upon purchase, it can last longer due to its top-notch components.

These factors will allow you to purchase an electric smoker that can meet your cooking needs. Remembering these things can help you to avoid common mistakes when shopping for electric smokers.

Safety Precautions When Using Wet Electric Smokers

Don’t use an electric smoker when it is wet. It is the same as any other electric device that you have at home. It would be best if you first allowed it to dry completely before switching on the equipment to avoid accidents.

Also, protect yourself if you think that the electric smoker has gotten wet by plugging it in a grounded outlet. You find such outlets inside your home with the “GFI” label. If all the outlets inside your home don’t have this label, refrain from plugging in the electric smoker. Doing so will allow you to spare yourself from harm, such as electric shock and fire. 

If for any reason (wet or not) you are experiencing a shock from your electric smoker, stop using it and read up on common issues to figure out what the cause of the problem is. 


To conclude, there is no guarantee, even for the most expensive and high-quality electric smokers, to work fine after getting soaked in water. On the other hand, most electric smokers are durable enough to withstand accidentally spilled water. If the one you have at home is equipped with heavy-duty materials and is appropriately protected with epoxy resins and gaskets, expect it to work fine even if it has gotten wet accidentally. However, it is not advisable to expose electric smokers to the rain, as this could cause a myriad of safety and technological issues.