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Pork Steak vs Pork Chop – What’s The Difference?

Pork Steak vs Pork Chop – What’s The Difference?

While pork steaks and pork chops may look similar, they are pretty different. However, the average person might find it challenging to pin out the difference.

Pork steaks are best known for possessing more intramuscular fat that melts to make the pork steaks juicier. On the other hand, the pork chops come from the part of a pig prone to lots of exercise, and they are therefore leaner. Hence, they come out with less juice when cooked.

Besides looking at pork steak vs. pork chop from the result perspective, there are several other differences that you should know.

pork steak cooked in grill

What is Pork Steak?

If you want to get the most out of pork, you will need to understand the characteristics of the different cuts of pork. A pork steak is a cut obtained from the shoulder of the pork. The cut is also known as pork blade steaks or Boston butt. When most people hear the name pork butt, they think that the cut comes from the hind leg, but that is not true.

The pig rarely uses the shoulder muscles, which means that it has a higher fat content and appealing marbling. Most people prefer pork steaks for pulled pork to any other cut of the pork for the same reasons.

What are Pork Chops?

Pork chops refer to any parts derived from a pig’s loin region. The loin region of pork runs from the shoulder to the loin. Since this part of the pig is constantly overworked, it is lean and a favorite for those people who love eating their pork dry.

Where Does Pork Chop Come From?

While understanding the different cuts of pork can be confusing, the truth is that it is worthy of your time as it can help you decide on the best cut to purchase.

The pork chops are obtained from the loin section of pork. One of the differentiating traits of the meat on a pork chop is that it is lean with little intramuscular fat. If you like your pork dry and lean, this is the best cut.

Where Does Pork Steak Come From?

When most people hear that pork steak is a cut from the butt of pork, they tend to think that the cut is obtained from the hind legs. However, the name butt has nothing to do with the hind leg of pork, as it generally refers to the shoulder of a hog.

The pork steaks are obtained from the shoulder of pork, also known as the butt section. Since this part of the pig is often docile, it contains a significant amount of fat, and it is very juicy and succulent.

Pork Steak vs. Pork Chops Differences

As you may have already noted, the steaks are obtained from the pig’s butt or shoulder, while the pork chops are derived from the loin. The loin is the part of a pig that runs from the butt to the hip. Other conspicuous differences between the two include;

The Price Tag

If you compare the prices of pork steak vs. pork chop in your local butcher, you will conclude that pork chops are typically more expensive. While there are several explanations for this, the most common one is that the pork butt can yield more steaks per pound than loins can.

However, since steaks are more succulent and flavorsome than chops, they still make a perfect meal for anyone who wants to shop on a budget.

The Cooking Method

The difference between the two is based on the cooking method. One of the conspicuous differences between the two cuts is that they can be best when prepared using different methods.

Since pork steaks are more succulent than pork chops, the best way to cook pork steaks is to prepare them in a skillet on the stove. Ensure that you use a method that makes the most of moist heat.

Further, it would help if you did the cooking at a medium temperature.

On the other hand, the best way to cook pork chops is to make the process quickly and over relatively high temperatures.

Ease of Use

Although cooking the pork steak might take longer cooking times, it is easier to work with than the pork chops. As a rule of thumb, it is vital to ensure that both cuts attain an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit before you can comfortably consume them.

Variety of Cuts

While pork chops include a host of different cuts of pork chops, pork steak is more straightforward as it is uniform.

Nutrition and Flavor

The flavor of pork chops is mild because they have less calorie and fat content per pound. Therefore, the pork steak is more flavorful. To add more flavors to your pork chops, you may need to consider adding dry rubs or flavorful marinades.

pork chop in a grill

Which is Better?

After looking at the differences associated with the two meat pieces, you probably wonder which is better. The answer to this question highly depends on your preferences.

The pork chops are leaner, and this means that anyone who loves their pork dry will find pork chops appealing.

On the other hand, those who love their pork juicy and succulent will find the steaks appealing due to their high-fat content and marbling.

The Appearance

The two cuts’ appearance can make it easy for you to distinguish between them. Pork steaks tend to have marbled looks due to high intramuscular fat.

Pork chops are lean without or with a low amount of fats.

The Challenge with Cooking Pork Chops

Deciding on the best cut to purchase is vital in ensuring that you get a delicious meal. However, how you cook your pork cuts will significantly determine how you will enjoy your meal. Mainly, there are three challenges that you should expect when cooking pork chops which include;

  • Lack of flavor
  • Easy to dry out
  • Inconsistent cuts

Easy to Dry out

One of the characteristics of pork chops is that they are lean, which renders them unforgiving if you overcook them. Therefore, if you want to get the best out of your pork chops, you must stay on top of everything with a digital meat thermometer to avoid overcooking them.

Lack of Flavor

While lean meat is considered healthy, it might not be delicious for many. Therefore, if you are looking for something delicious, you might want to keep it aside or work on your cooking skills.

Inconsistent Cuts

Although pork steaks refer to pork steak, pork chop can mean different cuts from the hog. In other words, pork chops may include Ribeye chops, Sirloin chops, Porterhouse chops, New York chops, etc. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that you have consistent cuts to make your cook more straightforward and fruitful.

Essential Tips for Cooking Pork Chops

No one would want to purchase pork chops only to cook them poorly and probably mess up the party. One way of ensuring that your pork chops are delicious is to master the best cooking techniques. The following tips will provide you with perfectly cooked pork chops.

  • Thicker is better because nowadays pork is lean, making it easy to overcook. Thick cuts are more forgiving hence giving your ample time during the preparations.
  • Use the brine to help keep the meat moist and buffer against overcooking.
  • Do not overcook
  • Opt for bone-in as it helps protect against overcooking, and it has some fats to make it juicier and tastier.

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Even though many people think that pork chops and pork steaks are the same, the truth is that they are not. Having a good understanding of the differences between the two cuts will make it easy to get the most of them. If you love your pork succulent and juicy, pork steaks should be the best option. On the other hand, pork chops are lean and dry.

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