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While brisket is one of the best BBQ cuts, it can be challenging to smoke, especially if you are new to barbecue. Fortunately, we live in an information era where you can quickly get a complex task simplified through a simple click on the internet. So how do you smoke a brisket?

Smoking a brisket to perfection is a simple process that requires you to consider the following steps;

  • Season your brisket with salt, garlic powder, pepper, and your favorite seasoning
  • Smoke the brisket until it hits 165 degrees
  • Add Ic beef broth
  • Wrap in Tin foil
  • Rest the brisket

With the above steps, you will indeed have a delicious meal. Read on for more details on how to smoke a tasty brisket for your friends or family.

brisket cook smoker

How to Smoke a Brisket With (Detailed Instructions)

You will need to follow a few steps to cook your brisket perfectly. It is always important to remember that handling each step accurately is key to getting the best-smoked brisket.


  • Quality Brisket – Always ensure that you get your meat from a reputable butcher to get good quality. It is easy to cook a quality brisket.
  • Favorite BBQ seasonings, including simple ones such as pepper and salt
  • Beef broth or water – necessary for mixing the powder for the injection powder
  • Injection powder

Smoking Instructions

Season Your Brisket

Get the brisket out of its package, rub it with salt and pepper, and use your favorite seasonings to wrap it up. When it comes to seasoning, you need to be generous to ensure that your brisket gets the desired taste.

Smoke The Brisket

Once you have seasoned your brisket, the next step is to get ready for smoking. First, you need to start by preheating your smoker to 250 degrees Celsius and if you use a charcoal smoker, add wood chunks to the smoker. Secondly, place the brisket on the grill grates and smoke until your digital meat thermometer temperatures read 165 degrees.

Wrap The Brisket

Once the brisket hits 165 degrees, you should be ready to wrap it. You need to prepare two aluminum foils, put the meat on the first foil, add IC beef broth, and wrap it, ensuring it is well-covered. Use the second foil on top of the first one before putting the wrapped brisket in an oven until it attains 205 degrees. Constantly use the digital meat thermometer to monitor the internal temperatures of your brisket.

Rest The Brisket

After the brisket hits the internal temperature of 205 degrees, remove it from the oven and let it rest for some time before you can slice it and serve. Letting your meat rest for some time allows juice reabsorption, making it more delicious.

How Long To Smoke Brisket Per Pound

Knowing how long to smoke a brisket per pound is an essential piece of information that you need if you are to smoke a delicious brisket. Overcooking or undercooking your meat is likely to have undesirable consequences. So, how long does brisket smoke per pound?

The general rule is that it takes 90 to 120 minutes to smoke a delicious brisket at 225°F. Most grilling bosses recommend smoking a pound of brisket for 90 minutes at 225°F.

However, if you want the process to go a little bit faster for one reason or another, you will need to smoke a pound of brisket at 250°F for 75 minutes.

How Long To Smoke Brisket

The duration of smoking a brisket depends on various factors, including the grilling temperature, the amount of brisket, and the desired level of doneness. It is necessary to equip yourself with a functional meat thermometer to help monitor the internal temperatures of your brisket.

According to most pitmasters, it takes about 90 minutes/ 1-1/2 hours to smoke a pound of beef brisket when the smoker is set at 250°F.

The ideal temperature for cooking a brisket is 250°F. At this temperature, you are assured that your brisket will cook faster and attain the nice tender texture you need.

Further, 250°F is a perfect temperature for rendering fats. In other words, once the fat cap melts, it creates a layer of seasoned fat on the meat’s surface, which plays a vital role in making the brisket mouthwatering.

The key to smoking the best brisket is ensuring the smoker remains at the right temperature throughout the entire cooking period. In addition, it is important to practice patience when smoking your meat.

What Part Of A Cow Is Brisket?

The brisket is a cut of a cow from which many dishes are made. If you are thinking of brisket but do not know what it is, here is all that you need to know about it.

A brisket is a cut that comes from the pectoral muscles of a cow. Since this part of a cow is well exercised, the cut is tough meat with many connective tissues. The characteristics make the brisket best when smoked through a slow cooking process.

How To Purchase The Best Brisket

The first process of cooking a delicious meal is investing in quality meat. Therefore, if you plan to cook a sweet or delicious meal for your family, you must ensure that you get the best cut.

The different cuts of briskets require different cooking methods, and failing to understand this will bring undesirable issues when the cooking time comes. Hence, when shopping for a brisket, you must be sure about the cut you need.

The Flat/First Cut

The first cut, also known as the flat cut, is a larger cut with a uniform shape. In addition, it has a thin layer of fat on one side and is best when braised or cooked in the oven since it is a leaner piece of meat. Most people consider it the best choice for corned beef.

The Deckle point

The deckle point, also known as the point cut, is smaller and has a less uniform shape. It is ordinarily well-marble with fat, making it an ideal cut for smoking as it is less likely to dry out. If you are planning to smoke your brisket, this is the right cut.

Smoked Brisket Recipe

Even if you have never smoked a brisket before, you can never go wrong with the right smoked brisket recipe. Besides, smoking a brisket is not complex; it takes a lot of time. Always follow these steps whenever you think of smoking a brisket.

1. Choose The Best Brisket

As you already know, there are two different briskets, and one of the two is the best for smoking. The deckle point has lots of fats, making it ideal for smoking. Further, the meat comes in different grades, so you need to go for the best grade from the best butcher around you.

2. Trim The Brisket

Some grilling bosses do not trim the brisket at all. Trimming your brisket is necessary because it will help shape the final product’s appearance.

3. Season The Brisket

When it comes to seasoning, you need to settle for your favorite seasoning. However, pepper and salt can be enough.

4. Smoking

After generously seasoning your brisket, the next step is to get smoking. Using oak and a little cherry will give you a great smoky taste.

smoke brisket slices

5. Wrap The Brisket

Wrapping your brisket in foil is one of the most crucial steps as it promotes juiciness and tenderness in your brisket.

6. Rest Your Brisket

When hungry, you can be tempted to skip this step and quickly dig into your smoked brisket. However, skipping this step is not a good idea because it allows the sweet and bubbly juices to settle and evenly distribute to the meat.

7. Slice The Brisket

Slice your brisket against the grain for maximum tenderness. However, if possible, you must ensure that you leave some bark on the top of each piece.


A well-smoked brisket is very delicious. Even if you have never smoked one before, you do not have to worry because the instructions are simple. In addition to having all the necessary tools, you should have patience if you are to smoke the best brisket.