Can You Grill Frozen Burgers? How To Do It The Right Way

Cooking fresh burgers is the best way to prepare delicious burgers for parties or your family. However, there are some instances where your only option will be frozen burgers. So, can you grill frozen burgers?

Yes, you can grill frozen burgers and still achieve the juicy and desired results you would have obtained from fresh burgers. All you need is to cook your frozen burgers for about 15 minutes at 325 degrees Fahrenheit while flipping them every 3-4 minutes and ensure that they attain an internal temperature of 160 degrees.

You do not have to worry about grilling frozen burgers immediately because USDA confirms that they are perfectly safe if you cook them to an internal temperature of 160 degrees F. Read on for more tips on how to cook frozen burgers the right way.

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Can You Grill Frozen Burgers

Freezing the burgers is the best way to preserve them for a long time. However, when preparing them, you can either thaw them before grilling or grill them immediately once they are out of the freezer.

Grilling the burgers as soon as they are out of the freezer is not the best practice because you may not achieve evenly cooking.

Nonetheless, the most important aspect of cooking frozen burgers is ensuring they reach the safe internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here is how to grill frozen burgers the right way.

1. Preheat The Grill

The first step to grilling delicious frozen burgers without thawing is to preheat your grill to about 325 degrees F. As the grill gets ready, remove the burgers from the freezer. To prevent close contamination, ensure that you thoroughly wash your hands before and after touching the burgers. Additionally, never reuse any packaged materials.

2. Put The Patties On The Grill

Once your grill has hit a temperature of 325 degrees, throw the patties on the grill. Separate them on the grill and ensure they do not touch each other to give them enough space to cook. Also, to preserve their intrinsic flavor, ensure they do not come into contact with other food.

3. Flip The Burgers

You will need to flip the patties after every five minutes for even cooking. While your burgers are supposed to be ready after 15 minutes, it is important to use a meat thermometer to measure the internal temperature. The burgers are safe and ready to eat once they attain an internal temperature of 160 degrees.

Can You Put Frozen Burgers On The Grill?

The answer is yes. You can put frozen burgers on the grill. You only need to ensure that your grill is clean to prevent the frozen burgers from coming into contact with other foods, as this might interfere with their intrinsic flavor. Further, preheat your grill to 325-350 degrees F before placing your burgers on the grill.

Can You Cook Frozen Burgers On The Grill – Pro Tips

Although it is easy to cook delicious frozen burgers on the grill, there are some mistakes that you can make to hinder the process. The following are essential tips to help you prepare delicious frozen burgers.

1. Ensure Effective Seasoning

One of the common mistakes that people make when preparing frozen burgers is under-seasoning the meat. Seasoning is critical to cooking delicious frozen burgers as it helps elevate their flavor.

While homemade burgers allow you to determine what goes into the meat, it is important to ensure that you know what has gone into the meat so that you are sure what to expect.

The best way to season your frozen burgers is to do it after they have been on the grill for two minutes. The burgers will be best positioned at this stage to take in as much seasoning as possible.

2. Cook The Burgers At A Medium Temperature

When the burgers are frozen, you might be tempted to cook them at high temperatures so they can thaw fast. That is a mistake you want to avoid at all costs, as it will not likely give you the desired results. Cooking at high temperatures may lead to you burning the burgers even before they reach the safe Temperature of 160 degrees F.

3. Ensure That Your Patties Are Of The Right Thickness

When shopping for patties, you should ensure that they are neither too thick nor too thin. If they are too thin, you may have a difficult time flipping them over whenever it is necessary to do so. Thick patties are also not the best because they may not cook evenly.

Additionally, avoid pressing the patties on the grill grates to test for their tenderness.

4. Avoid Flare-Ups

Flare-ups are a result of the dripping oil from the burgers. While they are quite prevalent, you need to control them because they can make your burgers bitter and less delicious. One way to avoid flare-ups is to ensure that fats do not accumulate on the grates of your grill.

5. Keep An Eye On The Temperature

It is important to equip yourself with a functional meat thermometer to help determine when the burgers are ready. The burgers are ready and safe to serve once they reach an internal temperature of 160 degrees F.

Failing to keep track of the internal temperature of your burgers may result in overcooking, which is the last thing you would want.

Can You Grill Frozen Chicken Burgers?

The answer is yes; you can grill frozen chicken burgers and still get a delicious and juicy meal. If you do not have enough time to defrost your chicken burgers, you can cook them as soon as you get them out of the freezer.

You need to preheat your grill to 325-350 degrees F before throwing your frozen chicken burgers onto the grills and cook until they reach an internal temperature of 160 degrees F.

What Is The Best Temperature For Grilling Frozen Burgers?

Cooking your frozen burgers at the right temperature is key to ensuring that you prepare frozen burgers in the right way. If you cook your frozen burgers at high temperatures, the chances are that you may end up burning them.

The best temperature to cook frozen burgers is 325-350 degrees Fahrenheit. With this temperature, you will need to cook your frozen burgers for 10-15 minutes, and they will reach a safe Temperature of 160 degrees F.

Can You Eat Frozen Burgers Medium Rare?

While it might be tempting to eat frozen burgers medium rare, it is not safe. USDA recommends the safe internal temperature for burgers as 160 degrees F. At this temperature, most of the disease-causing microorganisms cannot survive.

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Is It Necessary To Season Frozen Burgers?

Seasoning frozen burgers is key to intensifying their flavor. The best way to season frozen burgers is to start seasoning them after they have been on the grill for about two minutes. At this point, the burgers will easily take in seasoning for the best flavor.

However, before seasoning your burgers, look at the ingredients to ensure what is in the burgers. This way, you will easily know the best seasoning for optimal results.

How Long Does It Take To Grill Frozen Burgers?

The duration that it takes to grill frozen burgers depends on the temperature. If you grill your frozen burgers at 325 degrees F, it will take about 15 minutes for the burgers to reach the recommended safe internal Temperature of 160 degrees F. On the other hand, if you preheat your grill to 350 degrees F, it will take 10 minutes for the burgers to be ready and safe.


Now that you know you can grill frozen burgers and still make them juicy and delicious, you should never panic if you find yourself in a situation where you need more time to defrost your burgers. Nonetheless, if you have enough time, ensure that you defrost your burgers for even cooking. Additionally, whether cooking frozen or thawed food, ensure that your burgers reach the safe internal temperature of 160 degrees F.