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What Is Shoulder Steak? [WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW]

What Is Shoulder Steak? [WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW]

The shoulder steak is one of the most delicious cuts. For many steak enthusiasts, the shoulder steak represents an easy option to quench the desire to eat a delicious steak. Moreover, despite its intensity of beefy flavor, the steak is inexpensive, making it available to many BBQ lovers.

The shoulder steak, as the name suggests, is a cut obtained from an animal’s shoulder. Although an animal’s shoulder has a cross-section of moving muscles that contributes to the animal’s mobility, the portion of the shoulder clod from where the shoulder steak is obtained is relatively underused. Hence, it is less tough than similar cuts from the same spot.

The shoulder muscles are normally heavily worked, making them tough to cook for the best results. Nonetheless, some parts of the shoulder muscles are less worked and therefore remain tender; the shoulder steak is among those parts. Read on to learn everything that you need to know about shoulder steak.

big shoulder steak

What Is Shoulder Steak?

The shoulder steak is a cut obtained from the area where the edge of the pectoral muscle and the clod of an animal meets. It is boneless and relatively tender because it has a mix of well-worked and less-worked muscles that gives the steak a consistent marbling for a delicious flavor.

Alternative Names For The Shoulder Steak

It is easy to walk into a store only to realize that you cannot locate the specific cut you want. One of the reasons for that is that you are not familiar with the alternative names of the cut. Therefore, to prevent such an undesirable scenario, it is essential to familiarize yourself with some of the alternative names used to describe shoulder steak.

  • London broil and English steak – while these are cooking styles, some people use these names to describe the steak.
  • Shoulder steak Half
  • Beef shoulder petite tender
  • Beef shoulder tender petite roast
  • Rat or teres major steak
  • Bistro filet

The Texture, Flavor, Fat Content, And Tenderness

The shoulder steak is quite popular among barbeque enthusiasts because of its robust flavor and incredible meaty texture. Despite being a little tough, its strong flavor makes it enjoyable for many people.

While the shoulder steak may not be the best option for those who love a melt-in-mouth texture, its robust flavor is worth the attention.

What Is Shoulder Steak Best For?

The shoulder steak is often used for slow-cooking recipes with stir-flies and diced beef. It can also be an excellent cut for a sauce dish like stroganoff or stay.

There are also several ways that you can cook the shoulder steak and enjoy it with your favorite side dishes. The best ways to cook the steak include braising, grilling, and broiling.


To grill your shoulder steak to perfection, you need to marinate it before you can begin the grilling process. Marinating the stake is vital because it fosters the flavor and the texture of the steak while at the same time making it tender. To ensure that the marinade penetrates the steak effectively, use a sharp knife to make diagonal gashes to the meat and marinate for 6-24 hours.


Broiling is another excellent method that you can embrace to cook your steak. It also requires that you marinate the steak well before cooking it. Additionally, when broiling the steak, you should consider the thickness of the cut for the best results.


Some BBQ experts recommend braising as the best way to cook shoulder steak. Braising involves browning the steak in a small amount of oil and then adding a liquid such as broth or water and allowing the meat to cook at medium heat. You can enhance the flavor of the meat by varying the seasoning you use for the entire process.

Pork Shoulder Steak Recipes

The pork shoulder steak (sometimes referred to as pork blade steak or Boston butt) describes a cut from the shoulder of a pig. It is one of the most popular cuts of the pig, as it is relatively easy to cook.

Although the pork shoulder steak has some tough spots that may make it challenging to cook, marinating the cut makes the steak tender and delicious. Moreover, there are several methods that you can adopt whenever you want to cook a delicious pork steak. They include;

  • Grilling – Grilling is a standard method of cooking pork steak because it is easy and fast. Moreover, you do not need excellent BBQ skills to perfectly grill the pork steak.
  • Slow Cook – The pork shoulder steak has some tough spots meaning that simmering it will allow the fats and tough tissues to render. Before you start the cooking, ensure that you add your favorite seasoning to tenderize and enhance the flavor of the steak.
  • Pan fry – If you think that firing up your grill will take a lot of your time, then pan frying the steak will be easy and convenient.
  • Bake (Roast) – Another way to cook a pork shoulder steak is to roast it at a lower temperature of about 325 degrees Fahrenheit. You will need 45-60 minutes to roast the meat at this temperature.
  • Roast at Higher Temperature – You can also roast the pork shoulder steak at a higher temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 minutes
  • Smoke – Start by tenderizing the meat and then smoking it using your favorite wood chips/pellets.

How To Season Pork Shoulder Steak

Seasoning the pork shoulder steak is essential in cooking a delicious steak. Therefore, ensure you get it right if you want the best results. Although seasoning the steak with pepper and salt can work fine, adding paprika, onion, garlic, thyme, and oregano can elevate the flavor of the meat.

Besides seasoning, you can also marinate the steak with your favorite marinade and spices, such as vinegar and olive oil, for a better taste.

Beef Shoulder Steak Recipes

If you have not yet decided on how to make your beef shoulder steak, then the following recipes will make it easy for you to enjoy the delicious beefy flavor of the steak.

Easy Chuck Roast In Foil

Roasting the pork shoulder steak is one of the easiest ways to cook a tender beef shoulder steak. All you need to accomplish this recipe include olive oil, a packet of Lipton Onion Soup, and aluminum foil. Oil and season the steak, and wrap in foil before sticking it in the oven for about 4 hours.

Grilled Beef Shoulder Steak With Compound Butter

Prepare the beef shoulder steak before firing up your grill for the task at hand. Incorporate seasoned butter to give the shoulder steak a delicious and yummy flavor. Further, add garlic, thyme, and rosemary to the butter to make the steak juicy and more delicious.

Smothered Chuck Steak

The smothered chuck steak recipe will perfectly work for you if you are a fan of well-done steak. Cook the steak slowly, letting it simmer for hours with onions, chopped celery, and its juices. Once it is well done, the meat becomes flavorful to eat with any side dish.

garlic and steak

Lemon Garlic Chuck Steak

The lemon garlic chuck steak is best known for its earthy and tangy taste, combining pepper, lemon juice, and salt to make every bite count. However, if you opt for this recipe, ensure you do not overcook it. Also, you can add an optional dash of paprika for heightened flavor.

Ultimate Slow Cooker Pot Roast

If you are looking for an easy yet filling meal, then this recipe you should adopt. Although the recipe will take about 8 hours to prepare, the results are worth the time and the strain.


The shoulder steak is an incredible cut that is often underrated but has the potential to deliver excellent beefiness in many guises. It depends on your cooking skills and how you want to cook it. However, when purchasing the steak, always ensure it is of the right quality for the best results.