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How To Smoke Salmon On A Pellet Grill? [STEP BY STEP GUIDE]

How To Smoke Salmon On A Pellet Grill? [STEP BY STEP GUIDE]

Whether you are looking to prepare a delicious dinner for your friends or family, smoked salmon on a pellet grill will be a perfect fit for the occasion. Well-smoked salmon is full of taste bud-friendly flavor. But how do you smoke salmon on a pellet grill?

The process is simple because you only need to cure the salmon for about 12 hours and dry brine it to allow a pellicle to form to increase the flavor. The last step is to smoke the salmon at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for 3-4 hours until it attains an internal temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cooking a delicious salmon is a straightforward process. Further, some simple steps can make a big difference. For instance, picking an even cut will guarantee uniform cooking of the fish. Read on for more exciting details on how to cook a delicious smoked salmon.

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How To Smoke Salmon On A Pellet Grill

You should start by getting good quality salmon fish for the best results. Salmon is one of the best fish for smoking because of its high oil content, which makes it easy for the fish to absorb smoke quickly.

To perfect smoke the fish for an incredible combination of sweet, smoky, and salt flavors, you must prepare the fish well.

Rub The Salmon

Once you have a quality salmon filet at your disposal, gently drizzle oil around it to keep it from burning when it comes to smoking. Next, use a combination of dill weed, brown sugar, and smoked salt. Ensure that you evenly rub the mixture on the fish for an evenly distribution of flavors.

The Ingredients

The good thing with smoked salmon is that you do not require a lot of ingredients to complete the cooking procedure successfully. Some of the ingredients that you will need include the following;

  • Olive oil
  • Fresh salmon filet
  • Smoked salt
  • Pepper
  • Brown sugar
  • Dill weed
  • Fresh sage


1. Preheat The Pellet Grill Smoker To 275 Degrees Fahrenheit

Preheating your grill to 275 degrees should take about 10-15 minutes. While the grill is heating up, spend the time making the rubs.

2. Put The Salmon On The Preheated Grill

To get the best results, spray some oil onto the grill’s grates. This is important because it helps season the grates, preventing the fish from sticking on the grill.

Next, place the salmon on the grates with the skin down.

3. Smoke The Salmon

Cook the salmon for about 20 minutes. As the fish is cooking, add oil to an iron skillet and place it on the back side of the grill. Remove the fish from the grill and increase the grill’s heat to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once the pellet grill attains 350 degrees Fahrenheit, drop the sage leaves into hot oil and fry the sage to a tasty flavor and color to the food. The sage leaves are ready once they turn bright green.

4. Serve And Enjoy

Within 30 minutes, your fish should have attained an internal temperature above 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, it should be tender, smoky, and flaky, packed with mouthwatering flavors.

How Long To Smoke Salmon On Pellet Grill

The duration you can smoke salmon on a pellet grill depends on the temperature of your grill. If you set your grill temperature at 275 degrees Fahrenheit, you should smoke the fish for about 20 minutes, and it will attain the recommended internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

Further, if you set your grill at 225 degrees Fahrenheit, you may need to smoke your salmon for about one hour.

However, it is crucial to understand that the cooking time of the salmon fish highly depends on two crucial factors; the thickness of the fish and your level of the desired doneness.

Salmon Internal Temp

It would help if you always aim for an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit for safety purposes. The 145 degrees Fahrenheit is the minimum recommended internal temperature by the United States of Agriculture.

Best Wood For Smoking Salmon

One of the best ways to get the best out of smoked salmon is to choose the best wood for smoking. Although there are many types of wood to choose from, not all of them can do a perfect job.

The Alder BBQ wood pellets are the best wood for smoked salmon as it offers a pure, delicious, and clean flavor. If you can’t access Alder BBQ wood pellets, you can opt for cherry, apple, pecan, and maple.

Essential Tips For Smoked Salmon

Making a delicious smoked salmon is straightforward as long as you have all the right ingredients and know how to execute the entire process. Always keep the following tips and tricks in mind.

  • Use the right wood chips for the best flavor
  • Ensure that you do not overcook your salmon
  • Use the back of the spatula when taking the salmon off the grill to prevent tearing it

Smoked Salmon Recipes

A delicious and mouthwatering smoked salmon is easily achievable at home. You only need a few easily accessible ingredients and are ready to prepare an excellent meal for your friends, family, or even yourself. Here are a few sensational smoked recipes that you should know.

1. Honey Smoked Salmon

Infusing honey into your freshly smoked salmon creates an incredible balance of flavors. All you need is to decide on the wood chips that match your taste and preference. Always settle for woods that would not overpower the taste of the fish, such as apple wood. Smoke your salmon before topping it with a reasonable amount of honey.

2. Brown Sugar Smoked Salmon

Making brown sugar-smoked salmon is pretty easy. Start by coating the fish in a rub containing brown sugar before tossing it in the smoke at low heat. Use quality and fresh filets for the best results. Notably, this is a beginner friendly-recipe, and if you do not have much experience with smoking salmon, it should be the best place to begin.

3. Smoked Salmon Dip

The smoked salmon dip is pretty delicious and a favorite smoked salmon recipe for many. It is easy to make as you only need a few minutes to prepare. Moreover, the recipe goes with almost everything. However, crackers, veggie sticks, and chips are the best.

4. Salmon Recipe with Spaghetti and Crushed Potato

If you are into smoked salmon and have never tried this combination, it is high time you give it a try. The crushed potato and spaghetti play a significant role in elevating the taste of the fish. Moreover, the combination is healthy and full of valuable nutrients making it worth your time.

5. Smoked Salmon And Potato Gratin

The smoked salmon and potato recipe is another excellent smoked salmon to grace the occasion. The combination of cheesy and comforting potatoes makes the smoked salmon a combination made in heaven.

6. Hot-smoked Salmon Cakes

A hot-smoked salmon cake is a perfect, truly easy winter dinner. In addition to the incredible flavor, making this delicious meal is very simple and does not take a lot of your time.

7. Smoked Salmon Risotto

Although the smoked salmon risotto oozes sophistication, it is pretty simple to make. The zesty lemon cuts through the mascarpone base to create an incredible balance of flavor balance in the smoked salmon. A first-time try will make it your favorite weekly meal if you have never tried it before.

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8. Smoked Salmon With Eggs

The smoked salmon with eggs is an incredibly delicious recipe for everyone. You can elevate its taste by incorporating a Tabasco kick, coddled eggs, gruyere cheese, capers, or brunch. The smoked salmon with eggs is a perfect meal for breakfast.


Smoked salmon is a delicious meal that can go with pretty much anything. When smoking the fish, ensure that you choose the right smoking wood for the best result. Additionally, to test whether the salmon is done, you can use a food thermometer, test for flakiness, and test the fish’s color.