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How To Grill The Best Ribeye Steak [Complete Guide]

How To Grill The Best Ribeye Steak [Complete Guide]

The Ribeye Steak Is A Beef Cut That Is Highly Marbled With Lots Of Fats Separating The Longissimus From The Spinalis. The Plenty Of Fats Give The Ribeye Stick A Distinctive Flavor, Making It One Of The Richest And Beefiest Cuts Available. This Yummy Cut Is Juicier And Flavourful When Grilled The Right Way.

To Ensure That You Cook The Best Ribeye Steak, You Will Need To Adhere To The Following Instructions;

  • Season The Ribeye Steak Generously, And Then Leave It To Rest For 45 Minutes.
  • Place The Well-Seasoned Ribeye Steak On A 450-500 Degrees Preheated Grill.
  • Let It Sear For About 4 Minutes And Keep Turning It Until It Is Done.
  • Use A Meat Thermometer To Check The Doneness Of Your Steak.
  • Once It Is Done, Let It Rest For About Five Minutes Before Serving It.

There Is More To Make The Yummy Cut Of Steak More Tender And Flavorful. Read On!

best ribeye meatHow To Buy The Best Ribeye Steak

Although Ribeye Steak Is Probably One Of The Best Steaks You Can Have, Their Qualities Vary. Therefore, You Must Be Familiar With What It Takes To Choose The Best Quality Steak. The Following Five Tips Will Guide You In Choosing The Best Ribeye Steak.

  • It Is Prudent To Choose A Grass-Fed Over A Grain-Fed For Healthy Purposes. Grass-Fed Cows Eat The Right Food, And Their Roaming Increases Muscular Activities.
  • Familiarize Yourself With The Beef Grading System Of Your Locality. The Age And The Fat Marbling Are The Most Critical Variables You Should Use To Tell The Quality Of The Meat.
  • Look For Marbling. A Perfect Ribeye Steak Should Be Rich In Marbling. The Marbling Is What Will Give You A Soft And Tasty Meat.
  • Check The Thickness. The Thickness Is Essential For Two Main Reasons; First, Adequate Thickness Allows You To Cook Your Steak At Any Temperature And Still Get The Desired Taste. Secondly, It Indicates That You Get The Value For Your Money, Considering That This Cut Is Pretty Expensive.
  • Bone-Out Or Bone-In, Spinalis Muscles – Most Grilling Bosses Argue That The Bone-In Steaks Are Juicier And Tastier.

Grilling The Best Ribeye Steak

1. Preparing The Grill

The First Step To Making Your Ribeye Steak More Delicious Is To Prepare Your Grill Well. While The Preparation Methods May Differ Depending On Your Type Of Grill, The Preparation Method Is Pretty The Same. All You Need Is To Ensure That The Grill Is Clean And Set To The Right Temperature Of 450-500 Degrees.

2. Prepare The Ribeye Steak

The Next Step Is To Prepare Your Steak. Salt Both Sides Of The Steak And Allow It To Rest For 45 Minutes At Room Temperature Before You Can Start The Grilling. Before Putting The Steak On The Grill, It Is Recommendable To Brush It With A Small Amount Of Olive Oil On Each Side Of The Steak. If You Like Pepper Or Any Other Seasoning, This Is The Right Time To Add It To The Meat.

3. Start The Grilling

Put Your Steaks On The Grill And Allow Them To Cook For 2-4 Minutes Before You Can Think Of Flipping Them Over. Tongs Are Essential When Flipping Your Steaks.

4. Check The Temperature

When Grilling A Ribeye Steak, You Need A Digital Meat Thermometer To Ensure That You Do Not Overcook Or Undercook Your Meat. Use The Meat Thermometer To Get The Internal Temperature Of The Thickest Part Of The Meat. For Instance, If You Are Looking For A Medium-Rare, The Internal Temperature Should Be 125-130 Degrees.

Reduce The Heat And Close The Lid Until You Attain The Desired Doneness If You Want More Grilling Time.

5. Let It Rest

The Last Step Of Grilling A Ribeye Steak Is To Let It Rest. This Step’s Significance Is That It Allows The Meat To Reabsorb The Juices And Reach Its Final Temperature.

What Is The Best Ribeye Steaks Grilling Time

The Exact Ribeye Grilling Time Can Vary Slightly Depending On The Thickness Of The Steak, Whether Bone-In Or Boneless And The Type Of Grill.

However, The Best Grilling Ribeye Time For Medium-Rare Doneness Is 10 Minutes With An Internal Meat Temperature Of 130 Degrees. For Medium Doneness, You Will Need To Cook The Ribeye Steak To A 140 Degrees Temperature Which Takes 14-20 Minutes.

Bone In Ribeye Grilling Time

The Bone-In Ribeye Steak Is A Tasty Cut As Long As You Know How To Grill It Properly. This Cut Is Highly-Priced Due To Its Flavor And Tenderness.

The Grilling Bone-In Ribeye Time Should Be 12-15 Minutes. To Be Sure That The Steak Is Perfect For A Medium-Rare Ribeye Steak, The Meat Thermometer Should Read 130 Degrees. When Resting Your Steak, The Temperature Rises To 135 Degrees In Carryover Cooking.

Ribeye Steak Temperature

While The Classic Method For Cooking Ribeye Steak Is Direct Grilling, Having A Good Understanding Of The Ribeye Steak Temperature Will Ensure That You Do Not Mess With The Mouthwatering Flavor Of The Ribeye Steak. Here Is A List Of The Critical Temperatures That You Should Keep In Mind When Grilling The Ribeye Steak;

  • Well-Done Ribeye Steak – Go For 155-165 Degrees Internally
  • Medium-Well Ribeye Steak – Go For 145-155 Degrees Internally
  • Medium Ribeye – Go For 135 – 145 Degrees Internally
  • Medium-Rare – Go For 130 – 135 Degrees Internally
  • Rare – Go For 120-130 Degrees Internally

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The Medium Rare Ribeye Temp

When Grilling Ribeye, People Have Different Doneness Preferences For Various Reasons. For Instance, Some Believe That Medium-Rare Ribeye Temperature Is The Most Appropriate Because It Guarantees A Nutrient-Rich Steak, Contains Helpful Acids, And Can Prevent Cancer.

The Digital Meat Thermometer Should Record The Steak’s Internal Temperature As 130-135 Degrees For Medium Rare Doneness For Your Ribeye Steak. It Should Take About 10 Minutes To Attain This Temperature, Depending On The Type Of Grill You Have.

If You Love Your Ribeye Steak Tender And Juicy, Then The Medium-Rare Is The Perfect Temperature You Should Target.

How Do You Make A Ribeye Steak Tender?

The Ribeye Steak Is One Of The Most Tender Cuts You Can Ever Get. Therefore, How To Make It Tender May Not Be Of Much Significance Because You Will Be Focusing On Keeping It Tender By Cooking It Well.

You Can Retain The Tenderness Of A Ribeye Steak By Cooking It Properly To A Temperature Of 135 Degrees Fahrenheit. Overcooking This Steak Will Dry It Out, Making It Less Tender. For This Reason, Always Equip Yourself With A Digital Meat Thermometer If You Want Your Ribeye Steak Tender.

very well ribeyeImportant Ribeye Grilling Tips To Keep In Mind

  • Once The Steak Has Achieved An Excellent Sear Over The High Heat, Reduce The Heat For Indirect Grilling. Further, It Is Crucial To Avoid Excessive Flipping, Which Can Lead To The Steak Drying Out Fast.
  • It Is Essential To Allow The Steak To Rest Once It Has Achieved Your Doneness Preferred Level. It Would Help Plan To Rest The Steak For Five Minutes To Allow It To Reabsorb The Juices For The Best Flavor And Tenderness.
  • If You Are Using A Digital Thermometer To Check For The Doneness Of Your Steak, Ensure That You Pull The Steak Off The Grill When It Is Five Degrees To The Target Temperature. This Is Necessary Because The Temperatures Will Continue To Rise Once You Put Your Steak To Rest.


Grilling The Best Ribeye Steak Is A Straightforward Process As Long As You Know What You Want To Achieve. By Equipping Yourself With The Best Ribeye Steak Cut, A Grill, A Digital Meat Thermometer, And Your Favorite Seasonings, You Should Be Sure To Get The Most Flavorful And Juicy Meat. In Addition, You Should Remember The Grilling Ribeye Time And The Doneness That Will Serve You And Your Guests Well.

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