The Best Campfire Grills For The Outdoors: [Complete List]

Camping is one of the best family escapes as the sunshine, beautiful nature, and open fresh air creates a sense of relaxation. However, camping can never be complete without serving tasty meals, and here is where the best campfire grills for the outdoors come in.

The REDCAMP Folding Campfire Grill, Texsport Heavy Duty Barbecue Swivel Grill, Amazon Basics Campfire Grill, Coghlan’s Campfire Grill, and the Hikeman Folding Campfire Grill are the top best campfire grills for the outdoors. They have all the crucial features necessary for camping, including lightweight, multi-purpose functionality, sturdiness, etc.

Although there are numerous brands of the best campfire grills for outdoor, one of the essentials to making the right choice is to know what to look out for in the best grills. For instance, before you decide on the grill you want to purchase, you should look at its portability, the quality of the materials, size, heat retention, and control.

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Best Campfire Grills

When shopping for the best campfire grills, narrow them down to five or ten brands so you can easily check on the qualities and features you would want your grill to have. The following are the best campfire grills that will easily meet your expectations, as they have all the essential features that anyone would easily require in reliable outdoor grills.

1. Best Foldable Campfire Grill – Coghlan’s Campfire Grill

One of the critical qualities that outdoor enthusiasts closely examine when shopping for a campfire grill is its portability. The grill should be easy to carry to suit your camping adventures. The Coghlan’s Campfire Grill is light and foldable, making it leisurely to move around as it does not occupy much space.

In addition to Coghlan’s Campfire Grill being foldable, it is also cost-effective. Most reputable blogs online classify it as the best budget grill. Generally, Coghlan’s Campfire Grill is designed to offer full value for your money. It is a perfect cookware for outdoor cooking.

What We Like

  • It is highly portable as it is lightweight, small in size, and foldable
  • Excellent for one or two people who are passionate about camping
  • It is budget-friendly

What We Don’t Like

  • According to Coghlan, the grill is intended to use with Cookware only

2. Best Overall – Amazon Basics Portable Campfire Grill

The Amazon Basics Campfire grill takes the top spot for the best campfire grills. It is one of the best grills in the market that will offer you everything you need for a smooth outdoor cooking experience.

By investing your money in the Amazon Basics Campfire, you subscribe to a sturdy steel build with foldable legs and a stable grill. The Amazon Basics campfire grill also comes in two different sizes, making it easy to choose the one you think will perfectly meet your needs.

If you have a relatively larger family, go for the large size for convenience when preparing your meals. Notably, the Amazon Basic Campfire Grill comes on top of our list because of its top-notch construction, functional size, and convenient design.

What We Like

  • Great price for its incredible quality
  • Two different sizes allow you to choose the size that you feel will serve your crew well
  • Reliable warranty, signifying the fact that the grill is designed to last

What We Don’t Like

  • Not for direct-contact grilling

3. Highest Rated – Texsport Campfire Grill

The Texsport Campfire Grill is another popular grill that you can buy to elevate your cooking experience during outdoor ventures. It is highly rated on Amazon, signifying that most people who have had an opportunity to use the grill liked its efficiency and functionality.

The Texsport Campfire Grill features a rugged iron frame with an expanded metal grill to make it sturdy and more lasting. Regardless of the toughest outdoor conditions, the Texsport Campfire Grill has what it takes to withstand such extreme conditions. It is one of the top-quality grills that can serve you well in extreme weather conditions without warping.

What We Like

  • The outward-angle legs make it quite stable
  • Lightweight and foldable to enhance its durability
  • Built with heavy-duty welded steel to improve its durability

What We Don’t Like

  • The paint eventually wears off, interfering with the appearance of the grill

4. Best Heavy Duty – Hikeman Folding Campfire Grill

The Hikeman Folding Campfire Grill is another top-quality grill for outdoor cooking. It is anti-rust and heat-resistant, designed to make your outdoor cooking easy. While it is made of heavy steel for enhanced functionality, the grill is lightweight for enhanced portability.

If you are out for a bonfire experience with your crew, then the Hikeman Folding Campfire Grill will be a great option as it is made of high-quality cold rolled steel to make it efficient for an outdoor barbecue feast.

What We Don’t Like

  • Made of high-quality material to guarantee durability
  • Highly portable
  • You can use it as a picnic table
  • Heat-resistant and anti-rust
  • Easy to clean

What We Don’t Like

  • Too thin for some users
  • Not for direct cooking

5. The REDCAMP Folding Campfire Grill

The REDCAMP Folding Campfire Grill has three options; a standard grill grate with folding legs, a grate with a larger cooking area, and a grill grate with extra-high legs. Generally, with the REDCAMP Folding Campfire Grill, you pick the one you think will meet your needs.

Additionally, the REDCAMP Folding Campfire Grill is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel to enhance its durability and reliability. The REDCAMP Folding Campfire Grill weighs about 4 kg.

What We Like

  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight to facilitate portability
  • Heavy duty and sturdy
  • Value for money

What we don’t Like

  • It is close to the ground

6. DIY Campfire Grill

The DIY Campfire Grill is another excellent portable grill you can use for outdoor ventures. It is made up of quality iron to guarantee efficiency and durability.

What We Like

  • Sturdy material for durability and heat resistant
  • You can assemble it into different shapes to fit your use
  • Perfect for hiking, BBQ hiking, picnics, sporting events, concerts, or anywhere you travel
  • Mesh desktop to prevent water accumulation
  • Made of quality iron, it can hold up against heavy items.

What We Don’t Like

  • The paint heats off with time

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How Much Weight Campfire Grills Hold

You have probably seen people complaining about their campfire grills collapsing as they prepare their meals. While that can easily happen when using a poor-quality grill, it mostly happens because of using an excessive weight that the campfire grill cannot hold.

Generally, a sturdy and heavyweight campfire grill can hold up to 18 pounds. However, you have to ensure that the grill is well positioned, with the main pole of the campfire grill inserted deeper into the soil for enhanced stability.

What To Look For In Campfire Grill Grates

Always know what to look out for in the best campfire grill grates to ensure you get value for your money. You do not want to spend your money on a product only to realize later on that the grill would not be in a better position to serve you as you would have liked it to.

Grilling Surface: You must ensure that the grilling surface is enough to help you cook for your crew. Fortunately, the manufacturer provides the grilling surface in square inches, making it easy to decide on the one that will serve you well.

Adjustable Heights: For convenience, go for grills with adjustable heights to control the cooking temperature by simply moving the grill up.

Quality Construction: Quality construction is an important aspect to consider because it directly impacts the grill’s durability and functionality. You want to refrain from investing money in a product that keeps collapsing as you cook.

Extra Features: The additional features are meant to enhance the functionality of the grills. Therefore, for the best functionality, always ensure that you invest in grills with extra features.


Our recommendation for the best campfire grill grate is the Amazon Basics Campfire Grill. It is designed for efficiency and durability. Again, it comes in two sizes to make it possible to choose the size that perfectly meets your needs.