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The Best Way to Reheat Ribs – Microwave, Oven, and Grill!

The Best Way to Reheat Ribs – Microwave, Oven, and Grill!

While ribs are so good that it is hard to have leftovers, there are situations where you will have to think about reheating them. Failing to reheat your ribs correctly can make them a dried mess.

To reheat your ribs correctly, you need to cover them tightly with aluminum foil and gently place them in a 250-degrees oven. Keep reheating them until they attain an internal temperature of 130-140 degrees. R00eheating should last for half an hour, and your ribs will be ready.

There are several ways to reheat your ribs and if you want to know the best one, keep reading.

bbq ribs bigWhat Is The Best Way To Reheat Baby Back Ribs?

Baby back ribs are one of the most delicious meals in the world. Therefore, when reheating them, you need to ensure that they are as fresh as if they have just come out of the barbecue. Although there are easy methods to reheat the ribs, not all of them will give you the delicious meal you deserve.

According to most BBQ experts, the best way to reheat baby back ribs is to reheat them slowly in an oven. Place them in a pan covered with foil and set your temperatures at 250 degrees. Once the internal temperature reaches 130 – 140 degrees, remove the ribs from the oven.

The owner of Southern Smoke BBQ North Carolina, Matthew Register, recommends adding another layer of seasoning that you used when first cooking your ribs. Applying another layer of flavoring should be done when the ribs are halfway through reheating.

4 Best Ways To Reheat Ribs

When figuring out how to reheat your ribs and make them hot again, you may realize that you do not have access to some methods to accomplish this objective. Luckily, there are several reliable ways that you can embrace to make your ribs hot and delicious again. Remember that different reheating methods can have varying outcomes.

Reheating Your Ribs On A Microwave

The microwave is the quickest and easiest way of reheating for many people. If you do not have an oven or are in a rush, the microwave will save you a lot of time.

To reheat your ribs using a microwave, you will need the microwave itself, a glass container. It is recommendable to avoid plastic containers as they can negatively affect your food. Once you have all the requirements, adhere to the following instructions;

  • The first step is to prepare the ribs for microwaving. Place your ribs in a bowl and sprinkle them with your favorite seasoning to prevent drying. It is imperative to ensure that every part of the ribs is covered with the seasoning.
  • Once you are done preparing, place your bowl in the microwave and use medium heat.
  • After five minutes, your ribs are ready to serve. You can touch and feel whether or not they are done. If you feel that they are not done, you can place them back in the microwave and reheat them for about three minutes.

Note; Ribs can suck the smell of the microwave. To prevent that, you need to ensure that your microwave is clean and does not have any unpleasant odors.

Reheat Ribs In Oven

Reheating your ribs in the oven is the best way to reheat ribs and make them fresh again. Experts agree that this is the most effective way of reheating ribs without losing their taste. While it might take a little of your time, the outcomes are worth the wait.

To use the oven to reheat ribs, you will need two aluminum sheets, a baking pan, barbecue sauce, and the oven.


  • Preheat your oven until it attains 250 degrees
  • Pour some sauce over the ribs, wrap them in the aluminum foil, and ensure that every part is well-covered.
  • Place the ribs in the oven and ensure that you have oven mitts to prevent burns while putting your ribs in the oven.
  • Heat them for about 20-30 minutes, depending on the volume of pieces you have. After taking them out, it is good to leave them to sit for about 5 minutes to cool off.

Grill Reheating

Grill reheating is another excellent way to make your ribs hot and sweet. Most people like grill reheating because of those marks that remain on the meat once the reheating process is complete. In addition, the taste of the ribs is always magnificent.

To use the grill reheating method, you will need barbeque sauce, barbecue equipment, and either electric, charcoal, or gas grill. Regardless of the type of grill you use, the taste is similar.


  • The first step is to ensure that your grill is clean.
  • After that, you will need to cover the ribs with barbecue sauce before placing them on the grill. The purpose of the barbecue sauce is to ensure that the meat does not dry up. It also adds a fantastic taste to the ribs.
  • Prepare the grill to attain a medium heat before placing the ribs on the grill.
  • Wait for about 3 minutes before turning the ribs for an evenly reheating. Keep repeating the process until the ribs are done.

Steaming The Ribs

While steaming is not a popular method for reheating ribs, it is worth mentioning. Besides, there are some circumstances where you may find it the best option.

To use steaming as your method of reheating the ribs, you will need a steamer, barbeque sauce, and apple juice.


  • The first step is to fill the steamer with a reasonable apple juice amount.
  • Heat the juice until it starts to boil before hanging the ribs inside the steamer.
  • Keep steaming for 30 minutes and avoid opening the lid to prevent the heat from escaping as that can interfere with the reheating process.
  • Take your ribs out, pour some leftover juice, and dress them with the barbecue sauce before serving them.

ribs restaurantHow To Reheat Ribs With Losing The Juiciness

One of the common challenges that many people experience whenever they try to reheat the ribs is that it tends to dry. Dry ribs are not likely to be scrumptious, so you need to ensure that you keep them juicy and moist throughout the entire reheating period.

The secret to maintaining the value of the ribs when reheating them is ensuring that you do it properly. Always consider the following tips whenever you are reheating the ribs.

  • Regardless of the reheating method, it is essential to ensure that they are evenly heated from both sides. Using a cooking thermometer will help determine whether the meat is well-cooked or not.
  • Always coat the ribs with barbecue sauce when using any reheating method to prevent the ribs from drying out.
  • To avoid burning the ribs, you should refrain from applying excess temperature or going beyond the recommended temperature.
  • If by bad luck the ribs dry out or they were dry the first time you cooked them, you can spread the BBQ sauce all over the ribs before wrapping them in an aluminum foil. Leave a small opening on the top and use it to add a reasonable amount of apple cider vinegar. Seal the ribs tightly before warming them at a low temperature for 20 minutes.


Even though there are several ways that you can reheat the ribs, these methods vary a lot. For instance, microwave reheating is the fastest rib reheating method, but it is not the most effective. In addition, the meat tends to turn out dry despite the different efforts to prevent the dryness. Oven and grill reheating are the best way to reheat ribs if you do not want to compromise their taste.

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